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Ammo Lockers  :::::  Jeremiah O'Brien  :::::  Winter 2012

Jeremiah O’Brien Gallery now live!

Finally put together a permanent gallery on the site of images I shot of the Jeremiah O’Brien in dry dock last winter.  You should visit the gallery immediately, it contains several images that I’ve never put online before, like the one below.   85-second exposure in heavy fog.  Purple, green and red-gelled LED flashlight. […]

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Underwater Tomorrow  :::::  February 2012

Underwater Tomorrow

Six minutes with the camera propped almost vertical on a rolled up towel, on the rim of the dry dock (visible in yesterday’s image), under the screw of the Jeremiah O’Brien.  Full moon and a wide variety of other local light.

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Her Good Side  :::::  February 2012

Her Good Side

The Jeremiah O’Brien in drydock, February 2012.  All shiny and new, and ready to go back in the water. Full moon.  3-minute exposure, one full power strobe pop.

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Moonwalk Catwalk  :::::  February 2012

Moonwalk Catwalk

The towering bow of the Jeremiah O’Brien liberty ship, in a San Francisco dry dock, February 2012.  Another of those moments where I was backed upright to the edge of the dock.  One step further back and the camera and I are in the drink.  Placement here was complex: I wanted the moon to be […]

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Jeremiah Refit  :::::  February 2012

Jeremiah Refit

The Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship in dry dock in February 2012.  The refit finished, she was put in the water the next day. 30 second exposure, available light only.

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Flight Through The Moon  :::::  Jeremiah O'Brien in Dry Dock  :::::  February 2012

Flight Through the Moon

Atop the superstructure of the Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship in dry dock.  Combination of two 15-second exposures.  Red, lime and blue-gelled strobe.

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The Blue Tube  :::::  The Jeremiah O'Brien  :::::  February 2012

The Blue Tube

The Jeremiah O’Brien in dry dock, February 2012.  The shipyard night shift crew was welding deep inside the engine room.  Using fans to ventilate the confined spaces, the gasses were blown through hundreds of yards of plastic tubing, run up through the ship and out the superstructure.  You could hear the toxic wind rushing through it. […]

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Lighting Crane 6  :::::  Jeremiah O'Brien  :::::  February 2012

Lighting Crane 6

More from the Jeremiah O’Brien in dry dock in San Francisco.  Even at night the ship was swarming with workers and caretakers, some, like Scott here, living aboard her, 24/7.  When he showed me that the signaling lamps on the flying bridge still operated, I immediately saw it as a light painting tool and had […]

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Funnel Shadowplay  :::::  Jeremiah O'Brien in Drydock  :::::  February 2012

Funnel Shadowplay

When the SS Jeremiah O’Brien was in dry dock last winter I was allowed on board to do some night shooting among all the cranes and mixed lighting in the BAE shipyard.  The camera was sitting on the deck, pointed almost straight up, in this view.  348 seconds at f/22.  Available light only.  

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Downtown from the Flying Bridge  :::::  February 2012

Downtown from the Flying Bridge

The best thing about a ship in dry dock for night photography?  It doesn’t move.  This allowed for long exposures at f/16 to get sparkling lights and crispy details of both the ship and the downtown San Francisco skyline.  Base exposure of 85 seconds with some blown out highlight areas stripped in with 30 and […]

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