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At the Watering Hole  :::::  2001 Chevy Impala

At the Watering Hole

In the rows of a late-model junkyard off of Highway 99 in California’s Central Valley.  Cold and muddy, dodging the rain. This is about a 3 minute exposure.  It was a full moon, but the image is mainly lit by sodium vapor lights, reflecting off the low clouds.  Seems like most of the valley is […]

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What Do You Want From Life?  :::::  1974 Chevrolet Monza

What Do You Want From Life?

This ’74 Monza was lurking along the back fence at the Stockton yard.  When was the last time you saw one of these malaise-era pigs driving around?  Been decades for me.  Terrible car.  If it had the V8, you had to disconnect the engine from the motor mounts and raise it by 6 inches just to […]

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Metallic Sunburst  :::::  2007 Chevrolet HHR

Metallic Sunburst

Another late-model insurance write-off from November’s shoot at the Stockton junkyard.  Nice coating of dew on this thing–it really helped to pick up the light painting nicely.  I took advantage of the car’s intense natural color by using a warm-toned raw xenon flashlight on the body from the front and rear and a series of […]

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High Tension Rendezvous  :::::  2002 Buick Rendezvous

High Tension Rendezvous

At the late-model junkyard I shot earlier in November.  I wish it was an Aztek . . . Natural LED flashlight and blue-gelled strobes inside.  Warm white balance to tie the sky into the car’s gold tones.

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Fly Eye Banshee  :::::  1998 Pontiac Trans Am

Fly Eye Banshee

The design on these Firebirds–the last Firebird–was really extreme.  Very long, low and pointy, yet organic and curvy at the same time.  This yard had a bunch of them, most were pretty chewed up. Lit with red and lime-gelled LED flashlight.  The thick layer of dirt helped to pick up the light well.

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The Last Rocket ::::: Late-'90s Olds Aurora

Olds Aurora

A 67-second exposure, basically just long enough to add snooted LED flashlight from a shallow angle on the light and logo assembly and some purple-gelled LED on the bumper and wet and dirty rear window.  Yeah, this was late, wet and chilly enough that dew point had been reached, giving all the surfaces a nice […]

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Bag Popper  :::::  2002 Pontiac Grand Am

Bag Popper

One of the late-model insurance cases in the Stockton junkyard.  The yard was jammed with crashed cars.  This Pontiac had been cannibalized pretty completely. Red LED flashlight pointed at the camera from in front of the car.  It took a few tries to get the reflection in the puddle placed exactly where I wanted it. […]

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Automatic Drip  :::::  1998 Chrysler 300M

Automatic Drip

Bumbled my way into a new junkyard last week near Stockton California.  Took a lot of convincing, but the manager ended up letting me stay to shoot until 11.  The yard is mostly contemporary cars (ie: about 10 years old), definitely a departure for me, but I still managed to find plenty to shoot and […]

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