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Harbor Lights

Early sixties Chrysler Newport convertible, one more space-wreck, crash landed at Big M Auto Salvage in February 2020. A minute-thirty-four in total darkness, with purple and red from outside and warm white diffused inside for ambiance. Protomachine flashlight, hand-held, single frame.

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Rocket Sled

Another view of one of the F-86s (The Australian CA-27 variant) in that location I was asked not to divulge by the owner from the “Boneyard” book, but never shown online. Shot a few minutes after yesterday’s post, facing the other way, just after midnight in March 2011. Stormy, cold, and camera-killingly windy. 3:13 of […]

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My Evil Twin

F-86s, stored in that location I promised not to divulge as part of my permission to enter. On a bitterly cold and windy winter night in 2010. A 2-page spread in the “Boneyard” book, but not posted online before. 257-seconds of full moon and a little LED flashlight bounced around.

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Happy Landings

Here’s another favorite from one of those broiling hot summer nights in 2012 at Aviation Warehouse. Never online before, but in the “Boneyard” book. Broken airliner landing gear tower over the endlessly shifting dunes. 25-minutes total exposure (in several stacked images) with blue and pink from the Protomachines flashlight, and then layered together in Photoshop.

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Charred Remains

747 and 737 wreckage at Aviation Warehouse, a 2 two-page spread in the “Boneyard” book, but never online before. EXIF notes say: 7/31/2012 12:23 am. 280 seconds. Under full moon, broken by summer monsoon clouds. Lit with the Protomachine flashlight using red, lime and warm white settings.

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The Dunes Abide

The Mojave consumes a neighborhood on the north edge of Newberry, east of Barstow. A slow motion tsunami of sand, this is the top of a collapsing two-story house. Night, two-minutes of full moon behind the clouds, with red and white LED flashlight. Shot March 2019.

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Catching Up

Hiya! Hope you’re happy and healthy. I’ve been posting on social lately and neglecting this space. Here’s a catch up post with a items you may have missed. Spacewreck (2016)B-52 in the Mojave. Blown up to appease the START treaty in 1991 and left for the road runners to find in 2016. Night, full moon […]

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I shot this, one-handed, about 30 minutes after falling and tearing my rotator cuff in July 2019. Just another amazing pile of movie prop junk, destined for the shredder, at Paul’s. Four minutes of full moon (most of it spent doubled over in pain) and some LED flashlight from a couple of directions. And yes, […]

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Gold Fever

Looks like no new night-shoots for some time yet, so here’s another unseen old one. A gold Lincoln MkV front clip, sitting in the dirt, camera about a foot off the ground. Just a few gold photons sprinkled straight down, in only 23 seconds of exposure timeā€“to keep the full moon from burning in. Shot […]

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The Silver Split

Shot while teaching a workshop in Fresno in 2014, a shameless knock off of a killer image by Dave Evans that wowed everyone in the crit session the next day. I waited in line with the students to shoot it myself later that night. Single shot, right outta the camera. 1:42 of full moon with […]

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