Junkyard Lights Puzzle now shipping!

The first puzzle made up of my night photography is now available on amazon: Click here to order it! Of all the different ways my photography has been published, this is the most unique and a clear favorite. The idea that people will be so hands on, spending time studying every inch of my imagery […]

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Looking for Satellites

1957 Plymouth remains top the pile at Big M. A minute and two seconds of totally cloudy full moon with red, purple teal and lime from the Protomachines flashlight.

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1960ish MOPAR taxi at Big M. It’s all about those spider webs for me. 62 seconds into the moon with some white led backlight on the sign. Shot last spring, pretty sure this car is gone now, but maybe just the sign is gone.

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Manta Smoking a Cigar

Rotten cockpit of a 1961 Plymouth Suburban wagon, under the eucalyptus trees at Big M. Pretty much total darkness with purple thru the windshield, green from the passenger side and some cool white bounce into the cluster. All in 101 seconds.

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Out shooting last night for the first time since rotator cuff surgery in July. Cloudy cold and wet at Big M. Shoulder’s very stiff and sore today and the work’s a little rusty, but it sure felt good to get out. I lost a glove too, but it’s not the moldy one sitting on the […]

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The Potapov Station

Those of you following me for a while know I like to post old night work around the new year. Being laid up and not shooting for the last 6 months, I’ve been posting a lot of old stuff anyway, so this week I’m gonna go deep. These were shot in October 1992 on California’s […]

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Twain Train Tree

Sapling in the doorway of a crumbling train shed at the abandoned mill in Twain, nestled along the Feather River, in California’s northern Sierras. Night, full moon for 3:39 with red, blue and green from the Protomachines flashlight. Enjoy the holidays!

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Junkyard Lights Puzzle

After almost a year of start/stop/start negotiations and experiments testing different layouts and themes, I can finally leak this story: a 1000 piece puzzle, a collage of 17 of my car photographs, is now approved and about to go into production at Hennessy Puzzles! Expect an early 2020 shipping date. More info to come when […]

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Junkyard Morion

Hooded tail light and fin of a 1959 Chrysler Windsor, at Big M Auto Salvage. Night, 132 seconds in deep shade with white, purple and red from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Jet Skull Triptych

Three from Aviation Warehouse, moving deeper into the scene with each set up. They were shot 10 years ago this month, consecutively, over a relatively short time, on a crispy fall high desert night. Page 64/65 of the Boneyard book. Jet Skulls Available light only, 2-minutes of full moon and some sodium vapor spill from […]

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