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Dream Car Nightmare  :::::  1961 Plymouth

Dream Car Nightmare

In the total darkness under the eucalyptus grove in the back of The Big M sits this brutally parted-out and weathered, but totally futuristic, 1961 Plymouth.  I set the camera in the hoodless and empty engine compartment and lit from camera right with an LED flashlight for a few seconds.  I was careful to place […]

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Happy Farmer Bob

Bob Azzaro’s 1961 Cadillac

A few days ago I talked my old pal Bob Azzaro into going shooting with me.  We took his cherry 1961 Cadillac out to Pescadero cemetery where I shot portraits with him and the car.  Bombing down highway 1 in the middle of the night in this tank was a real treat.  So big and […]

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The Spectral Pioneer  :::::  1961 Doge Dart

The Spectral Pioneer

Rolled back out to The Big M Auto Salvage yard with Joe, Riki and Amy this weekend for my semi-annual visit.  I like to go back every 6 months, give or take, so that the cars in the yard have a chance to turn over.  I’m always amazed at the barn finds and derelicts that […]

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