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Staring Contest  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Staring Contest

The same ’70’s Peterbilt as yesterday’s post.  355 second exposure.  Full moon almost directly overhead, LED flashlight from both sides using a shallow angle to pull out the surface details. Red LED from behind through the rear window.  I tried to keep things as symmetrical as possible.

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Shift Pattern  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Shift Pattern

1970s Peterbilt semi truck cab.  Like several other trucks at Paul’s Junkyard, this cab is off the chassis and sitting on the ground, making shooting the interior, normally 10-feet in the air, a breeze.  Red and lime-gelled LED through the rear and side windows, purple-gelled LED through the front windows.

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Cab-Over Front-Office  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Cab-Over Front-Office

’70s-vintage Peterbilt cab-over semi-truck at Paul’s Junkyard.  This body was off the frame, sitting on the dirt.  Normally this interior would be 8 feet off the ground and virtually impossible to shoot using these techniques, but I was able to easily set up at shoulder-level in the doorway.  Red-gelled strobe inside the sleeping compartment, blue […]

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