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Lighting Crane 6  :::::  Jeremiah O'Brien  :::::  February 2012

Lighting Crane 6

More from the Jeremiah O’Brien in dry dock in San Francisco.  Even at night the ship was swarming with workers and caretakers, some, like Scott here, living aboard her, 24/7.  When he showed me that the signaling lamps on the flying bridge still operated, I immediately saw it as a light painting tool and had […]

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The Purple Rebar  :::::  January 2012

The Last Days of Doyle Drive

There’s few living San Franciscans that will miss the old Doyle Drive.  Built in the 1930s, hopelessly outdated by the ’70s and site of many gristly head on crashes–this worn-out butt-ugly elevated freeway should have been torn down a long time ago. Now that she’s gone, here’s some pix to remember her by.  These were […]

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Skunk Farm  :::::  Presidio Parkway / Battery Tunnel  :::::  December 2012

The Presidio Parkway Project

This weekend in San Francisco, CALTRANS is closing and demolishing Doyle Drive, the ancient and crumbling freeway approach to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Last December I approached the contractor with my work shot in the Presidio Pet Cemetery underneath the new freeway, and asked for access to shoot the freeway construction.  Much to my surprise, […]

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Downtown from the Flying Bridge  :::::  February 2012

Downtown from the Flying Bridge

The best thing about a ship in dry dock for night photography?  It doesn’t move.  This allowed for long exposures at f/16 to get sparkling lights and crispy details of both the ship and the downtown San Francisco skyline.  Base exposure of 85 seconds with some blown out highlight areas stripped in with 30 and […]

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Late Night Welding  :::::  February 2012

Jeremiah O’Brien in Dry Dock

The Jeremiah O’Brien was in dry dock for about a month.  I was lucky enough to be on the very short list of people allowed into the BAE shipyard at San Francisco’s pier 70 to shoot her and I was the only one to do it at night.  BAE is a tough location to access, […]

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Sagittarian and Bearcat

Jeremiah O’Brien goes to Dry Dock

Back in January, I was invited to ride on the Jeremiah O’Brien for its trip to dry dock for repairs, cleaning and repainting.  The JO’B is one of the last surviving Liberty Ships from WWII, now converted to a museum, permanently docked in San Francisco. We left at 5:30, before dawn, on a cold and […]

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Subterranean Graveyard  :::::  January 2011

The Presidio Pet Cemetery

San Francisco’s elevated-freeway approach to the Golden Gate Bridge, called “Doyle Drive,” winds its way through The Presidio, a former Army base, decommissioned in 1994. Doyle Drive dates back to the original construction of the bridge in the mid 1930s.  Now seismically unfit, the new “Presidio Parkway” is currently under construction to replace it. Nestled […]

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