Big M Auto Salvage

Pearsonville 2010

Out of Gas

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Lost Wheels

Eagle Field- Aircraft

Paul’s Junkyard

The Salton Sea

NASA Crows Landing

The Valley Junkyard

Aviation Warehouse

Ghost Towns


Crestview Bowl

A Night on Highway 58

Pearsonville 2009

Mouse Station

The old Pony Express stop, Schellbourne, Nevada, is now an abandoned motel and gas mart with an overlit rest area across the highway.  I took advantage of the location’s bright sodium vapor lights to fill the reflective stainless steel side of the pump orange, adding blue, red and minty green from the Protomachines flashlight.  There’s […]

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul

That lonely 76 station on 15, at Fort Irwin (Allen) Road. Summer 2015, it’s a lot more tagged up now. 2-minutes of full moon with lime and red flashlight.

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System 3

Goofing with the reflective qualities of this ’60s Texaco Pump at the salvage yard.  Love that textured steel.  Red, yellow and white from the Protomachines flashlight, with a little over a minute of full moon exposure.

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The Green Pod

The instrument cluster from a 1957 Mercury, sitting on the big sedan’s rotten driver’s seat.  Total darkness, under the trees at The Big M salvage yard, white light straight down, red from the other side of the car and green bounced into the shadows.  A blend of 2 exposures.

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Joker Taffy

’59 Buick at the junkyard, with red, green and white flashlight and super-stretchy, long-exposure cloud porn.

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Sacred Geometry

Obsessed with all the intersecting lines and convergences, somewhere in the Mojave Desert in the middle of the night with the fisheye. Lit with the Protomachines flashlight and 142-seconds worth of the full moon.

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Suburban Overpass

A surreal scene of utter destruction at the junkyard.  112-seconds under the cloudy full moon with lime, warm white, red and blue-set Protomachines flashlight, thrown from many directions

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Haunted AstraDome

I love all the sci-fi fi space age MOPAR dashboards from the early ’60s, but this ’61 Chrysler’s plastic bubble takes the cake. Yes, I get spider bites on my hands doing this. After midnight, blue, red and warm white light, in a very dark place.

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Anger Management

’59 Dodge at the Big M.  In the running for the angriest-looking car ever made. Night, full moon, white light from the sides, blue snooted into the lights and red bounced into the shadows.

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Big M or Bust

The always excellent John at Big M Auto Salvage allowed me out for my semiannual yet always impromptu night of shooting this week.  This post-war Chrysler was a freshly trailered in find when I shot it in 2013.  I think it’s gone now, but there’s always something fresh and interesting to see at this amazing […]

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