Pearsonville 2009

Eagle Field- Aircraft

Ghost Towns

The Valley Junkyard

Byron Hot Springs Resort

Pearsonville 2008

Aviation Warehouse


Big M Auto Salvage

Gene Winfield Customs

The Salton Sea

Faded Signs

A Night on Highway 58

Presidio Pet Cemetery

Crestview Bowl

Pearsonville 2010

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Hubcap Drifts

The Valley Junkyard.  Old-school, night-for-day style, tungsten balanced, no added light, the way night shooting used to be.

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I’m True Blue

Sin bin van with carpeted interior, abandoned somewhere in rural Nevada.  Night, about 2AM, full moon, cool white flashlight.

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Billboard Beams

Making the best of being socked in by smoke from the Blue Cut fire, at an abandoned gas station on the Eastern approach to Baker, California, last week.  66 seconds @ f/8 ISO200, full moon, purple flashlight and various ambient light.

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Goin’ Southbound

US95, between Goldfield and Beatty, Nevada.  5/16.

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The Empty Throne

For Steve Harper (1931-2016).  He was the night photographer’s night photographer.

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Arne’s Royal Hawaiian

Shortly after sunset last Tuesday, in Baker California.  108° and windy . . . and right in the path of the smoke from the Blue Cut fire.  At times that night visibility was down to a few miles.  You could see the ash in the beams of your lights, falling like snow.  Baker is rarely […]

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Strike the Colors

Abandoned homesteader shack, Wonder Valley, California, 2015.  Red, purple and warm white hand-held flashlight during a 184-second exposure under the full moon.

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Chesterfield Rats

Nest in a sofa, in an abandoned house. Wonder Valley, California.  Late 2015.  Red and white hand held light. A couple of minutes of full moon light outside.

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Early American Tiger Hassock

Up-close and fisheyed, in an abandoned kitchen, Wonder Valley, California. Lots of funny angles, tangents and screwy depth things going on here. Stationary and swept flashlight from 4 directions, during a 102-second exposure, under full moon light (but totally dark inside).

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