Ghost Towns

Byron Hot Springs Resort

Pearsonville 2010

Boneyard: the e-book

Castle Air Museum

Presidio Pet Cemetery

Out of Gas

The Salton Sea

Paul’s Junkyard

A Night on Highway 58

Faded Signs


Big M Auto Salvage

Pearsonville 2009

Aviation Warehouse


Goat-Bird Staredown

Red white and blue light added with Protomachine flashlight.

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Lava de Ville

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The Sack of Monte Carlo

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.  Criss-crossed lime and red light, snooted purple on the headlights.

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Flying Blind

Can’t wait to get back to my favorite junkyard!  1930 REO Flying Cloud, lit with warm-white flashlight, from 3 directions, in 20 seconds.

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Kiss Me With Your Apocalypse

‘Round midnight, deep in the forgotten Avenues of the Antelope Valley, on a windy, frigid night.  444 seconds, lit with full moon and red-set Protomachine flashlight.

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Actually, it’s a Pontiac Fiero dressed as an ’80s Ferrari Testarossa, crashed and burned for some TV show.

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You Can’t Outrun Photons

Available light only–full moon and sodium vapor–31 minutes of total exposure time.

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Reception Committee

Bentley Mk IV on the dirt tarmac at Eagle Field, a privately owned WWII training base in Central California.  Rising full moon and snooted warm and cool white light from the Protomachine flashlight.  4-minute exposure.

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Red Chrome

The same ’46 lincoln as the last post.  Because the bumper is only a few feet from that cinderblock wall (the camera was so close to it, I had the use the swivel screen to check the LCD), I lit the wall rather than the car, and let it reflect in the brightwork, which left […]

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