Pearsonville 2009

Faded Signs

A Night on Highway 58

Big M Auto Salvage

Pearsonville 2008

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Paul’s Junkyard

Aviation Warehouse

Castle Air Museum

Gene Winfield Customs


Presidio Pet Cemetery

Byron Hot Springs Resort

The Salton Sea

Out of Gas

The Sack of Monte Carlo

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.  Criss-crossed lime and red light, snooted purple on the headlights.

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Flying Blind

Can’t wait to get back to my favorite junkyard!  1930 REO Flying Cloud, lit with warm-white flashlight, from 3 directions, in 20 seconds.

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Kiss Me With Your Apocalypse

‘Round midnight, deep in the forgotten Avenues of the Antelope Valley, on a windy, frigid night.  444 seconds, lit with full moon and red-set Protomachine flashlight.

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Actually, it’s a Pontiac Fiero dressed as an ’80s Ferrari Testarossa, crashed and burned for some TV show.

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You Can’t Outrun Photons

Available light only–full moon and sodium vapor–31 minutes of total exposure time.

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Reception Committee

Bentley Mk IV on the dirt tarmac at Eagle Field, a privately owned WWII training base in Central California.  Rising full moon and snooted warm and cool white light from the Protomachine flashlight.  4-minute exposure.

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Red Chrome

The same ’46 lincoln as the last post.  Because the bumper is only a few feet from that cinderblock wall (the camera was so close to it, I had the use the swivel screen to check the LCD), I lit the wall rather than the car, and let it reflect in the brightwork, which left […]

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The Purple Bay

This ’46 Lincoln’s been flat-spotting its tires in this shady spot for years. As big as a beached whale, but less stinky. Just a few feet from the last set up I posted, you can even see this shot in the background. Warm white, red and purple flashlight, blended with sodium vapor light and full moon, during […]

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