Pearsonville 2010

Pearsonville 2008

Big M Auto Salvage

The Valley Junkyard

NASA Crows Landing

Presidio Pet Cemetery


Faded Signs

Lost Wheels

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Byron Hot Springs Resort

Gene Winfield Customs


Paul’s Junkyard

The Salton Sea

The Chronicle

Eagle Field- Aircraft


Shark-eyed mid-’70s Grand Prix at the junkyard.  Purple, blue, red and a tick of white on the hood ornament, under the full moon for 3-minutes.

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Hernando’s Hideaway

  1950 DeSoto at the junkyard near Fresno.

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Prop Bender

High-wing Cessna getting dusty in the junkyard’s hangar. Total darkness, lit with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Heavy Metal 67

Rockin’ basket-case Firebird at the junkyard. Full moon and Protomachines flashlight in 48 seconds.

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Crashing on Planet Endura

Mid-’70s Pontiac Grand Am scraps at the junkyard. Night, full moon, lots of ambient light and flashlight.

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Eye of the Kaiser

One more of the slurpy low-slung ’55 Manhattan, loaded with quirky details and wabi sabi goodness. Purple, white and blue flashlight with full moon, in 42-seconds.

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Red Life Lines

Fowler, Highway 99, California, 3:17AM 6/9/17

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Last Chance Canyon

Miner’s camp in the high Mojave. Night, full moon for a few minutes, lots of hand-held light added during the exposure.

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F+B Ambulance

Looking back on the bazillion pics from Paul’s Junkyard that I’ve put online, I was surprised to notice that I’d never posted a front view of this 1970 Cadillac Ambulance, one of the coolest vehicles in the yard. I guess I finally got one I like. Purple, green, white and blue light in 108-seconds in […]

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Blue Flock

1970s hot rod ’57 Chevy, still in the hanger at the junkyard.  It hasn’t moved in so long the dirt on the hood has taken on this weird wooly quality.  Total darkness, red and white light pointed at the car from many directions and indirect blue, bounced off the building’s roof for ambient glow, mostly […]

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