The Salton Sea

A Night on Highway 58

Faded Signs

NASA Crows Landing

Pearsonville 2010

Pearsonville 2009

Aviation Warehouse

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Byron Hot Springs Resort

The Chronicle

Ghost Towns

Pearsonville 2008

Crestview Bowl

Paul’s Junkyard

Lost Wheels

The Sand Fire

My friend Ron Pinkerton posted a very cool night shot of the Sand Fire, currently raging north of LA, last weekend. I liked it so much, I made a night wildfire painting yesterday. It’s a pretty loose interpretation of Ron’s pic.

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100 Thistles

Farm truck, abandoned in the golden hills of California.  Shot August 2015. 3-minute exposure, lit with Protomachine flashlight in deep shade.

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Jet on Rails

Fisheyed Vought F8 fuselage at Paul’s, 10/14.  Yellow, purple and red light, under the full moon for 140 seconds.

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Connie and the Warthogs

November 1996, Tucson, Arizona. Over the fence at one of the recyclers on the perimeter of Davis Montana AFB. A mothballed AWACS Constellation, with A-10s circling overhead, doing touch-and-go’s. I ended up getting in there to shoot it about 5 years later, after it was dragged to a different spot. It’s gone now, no idea […]

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152, 3 AM

For those of you that don’t know, I paint too.  Acrylic on 16×20 canvas.  About 7 hours work, not including preliminary sketches.

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The First Bus

November 1999. 160T film. No idea of exposure, but it looks short for me, maybe 4 minutes? Possibly before moonrise. Church bus, left behind in a junkyard near Wasco, California, that no longer exists. Almost broke my leg off stepping out of that door into a 2-foot hole, obscured by tumbleweeds, after adding the red […]

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Fireball XL5

I half expected to see the stringless ghost of Steve Zodiac climb out of the dusty cockpit of “Snoopy”, the forgotten B-58; parked among the Joshuas and creosote on the dry-lake fringe of Edwards AFB, like some crashed sci-fi space ship on some distant planet.  About 15 minutes with no added light.  August 2014.  Still remains one of […]

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Petroleum Bender

Looking West from southern Nevada, as a late spring storm comes barreling in from the Sierras. Near midnight, May 21st, 2016. Fisheyed and lit from 2 directions (plus the full moon), in the lobby of that lonely gas station, in that big empty between Beatty and Goldfield.

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Chas de Young

Big fun at the one-night-workshop at Cypress Lawn cemetery last night, shooting with a big pack of night photographers. Catching up with old friends, making new ones, and taking weird pictures, on a perfect, crystal clear night.  Some of the newbies fell for the technique hard, always fun to watch. Charles de Young, co-founder and editor […]

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