Pearsonville 2008

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Presidio Pet Cemetery


Aviation Warehouse

The Salton Sea

Big M Auto Salvage

Lost Wheels

A Night on Highway 58

The Chronicle

Byron Hot Springs Resort

Boneyard: the e-book

Ghost Towns

Pearsonville 2010

New Workshop for May 2015

Workshop! Workshop! Workshop! Want to learn how to night shoot like me? Want to learn how to light subjects like I do? Want to refine your compositional eye? How about total access to a normally inaccessible classic “Lost America” style location? We’re here to help you with all these things. May 1, 2, 3, 2015, at the Valley Junkyard in Fresno. […]

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Black Windows

Airliner parts under the full moon, at Aviation Warehouse. Purple and red from the Protomachine flashlight, in 49 seconds.

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Inside the Cat’s Head

Red flashlight rotated inside the tail of a DC-6, with all it’s tailplanes removed.

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Flight to Jupiter

DC-3 cockpit at Aviation Warehouse.  Complete and 100% authentic, it’s a clipped off nose section, dressed for use as a movie prop.  Just a few seconds of dim flashlight, and 121-seconds to let the mixed exterior lighting burn in through the frosty windows.

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Sherbet Boarding

Been spending a little time at Aviation Warehouse, down in El Mirage, this winter.  The owner loves my photography, so I’ve had an open invite to shoot here since 2006. I like to visit for a few nights every couple years. Minimal daylight scouting time, lots of clouds and unexpected dew point-based lens fogging issues made this trip a constant challenge, but I took […]

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Bel Air Inferno

We go closer and closer, deep into the burnt out hulk.  Camera off the tripod now, sitting inside the car, at the corner of the rear window, on a pile of melted, broken glass.  Pretty much impossible to get full coverage without seeing the light source, this is a composite of two 1-minute exposures.  Lime green and red from […]

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Rusty Humpback

Inches away, we swim with the rusty humpback in its unnatural habitat. 1956 Chevy Bel Air, lost to the 2013 Sand Canyon fire that consumed Cameron’s Dairy and the S.S. Minnow along Highway 58, near Tehachapi, California. 148-seconds of full moon and a few seconds of red, straight down on each fin and purple rotated […]

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Cameron’s Dairy

Same burnt-out diary as the last couple of posts, but from the outside this time.  201-seconds under the full moon.  Lit with 2 colors from one spot: from inside the building, behind the slim wall between the door and window.  I bounced red off the floor and ceiling to give the room some ambient glow, and purple out […]

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Until There’s Nothing Left To Burn

Looking out the doorway seen in yesterday’s post, at burnt-out Cameron’s Dairy, off of Highway 58 in SoCal.  265-seconds at f/8, under the full moon, and 2 colors (from 4 directions) from the Protomachine flashlight.

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All Fall Down

The fire-ravaged dairy (and melted ’56 Chevy), along Highway 58, near Tehachapi, California (at the “S.S. Minnow”, for you frequent travelers).  118-seconds, fisheye at f/8, under the full moon, with 3 colors (from 7 directions), from the Protomachine flashlight.

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