A Night on Highway 58

NASA Crows Landing

Crestview Bowl

Pearsonville 2009

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Big M Auto Salvage


The Valley Junkyard

The Chronicle

Presidio Pet Cemetery

Pearsonville 2010

Byron Hot Springs Resort

Eagle Field- Aircraft

Aviation Warehouse

Boneyard: the e-book

The Tiger Army Video

I was the creative and location consultant for the new Tiger Army music video. The leader of the band, Nick13 has been a fan, and tried to get a video done in my style, for many years now. We finally got it done. The old workshop gang will recognize Paul’s Junkyard and any regular follower […]

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Safety First, The 2nd

Let me just drop the other shoe already, here we are tracked in and zoomed out from the last shot, like at the end of a Hitchcock dolly zoom.  Happy accident with how you can see the shape of a locomotive on the left side windows.  The RIP Building at the NNRY Museum in Ely, […]

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Safety First

Many beautifully preserved rail buildings at the Nevada Northern Rail Museum in Ely, Nevada.  Thanks for the night access!  Available light, with a ton of flashlight on the sign.

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The Waterhole

Highway 95 in Nevada, August 2016.  Lit by the full moon, passing traffic and white flashlight.

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Opened in 1920, this was the first Ford dealer in Nevada, and a brass-age auto repair shop in Goldfield.  It’s been closed for decades.  Blue, lime and red flashlight, combined with local streetlights.

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Hi I’m Randy

Surreal window display in a closed business in the half-ghost town, Goldfield, Nevada, a block away from the all night party for “Goldfield Days.”  I added a little flashlight from the left, the rest, including the lasers, was just local ambient light.

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The Ghost of Super Soul

The front porch of the massive Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield Nevada, where champagne supposedly flowed down these steps at the 1908 grand opening.  It’s been closed  to guests since WWII.  Fascinating history about this place, it’s amazing it’s still standing, frankly.  Shot at night during Goldfield Days festival last week, while everyone was partying a […]

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The Nixon Block

Just back from 4 days in Nevada. Hoping for great summer monsoon clouds, it just ended up being mostly socked in, most of the time. Big rainstorms and flash floods all over the state forced constant changes of plan and location improvisations. Hit Goldfield the weekend of “Goldfield Nights” where there were 2 street fairs […]

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The Mikado

Early ’70s Chevy Luv pick up at the junkyard. This vehicle’s been sold to a new owner since I took this in 2015. Red and white flashlight in twilight. Still too light out to get all the 2 lighting angles done in one short exposure, so I layered them together in Photoshop.

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Last yard car, a creamed and plywood-kludged late-model KIA knock-off Town Car luxo-barge.  Look close, you can see where they just scissored off the side curtain air bags.  This poor thing was just beat to death, but hey, I bet the AC still works.  Full moon behind the clouds, with flashlight from several directions.

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