Presidio Pet Cemetery

Pearsonville 2009

Crestview Bowl


Paul’s Junkyard

Ghost Towns

Out of Gas

Byron Hot Springs Resort

Pearsonville 2010


Aviation Warehouse

The Salton Sea

The Chronicle

Pearsonville 2008

Gene Winfield Customs

The Captain’s Quarters

The helm of a ’55 Packard Clipper Custom, at Big M Auto Salvage. Purple, yellow and cool white flashlight.

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Cuervo de Amor

Happy Valentines. Make sure you kiss someone today! I’ve been shooting at this abandoned brothel in Nevada off and on since 2004. Sometimes it’s wide open, others, it’s tightly locked down. This trip was somewhere in between . . . Every visit I try to shoot this tub in the Madam’s private apartment. It’s the […]

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Dragging the Lake

Haven’t done any night photography since mid-November. So it was nice to squeeze in a quick night this weekend, at a rain-soaked and muddy Big M Salvage yard, in Williams California.  Haven’t been there in almost 2 years, so a lot has changed, yet it’s still pretty much the same: packed with an amazing collection of ’50s and […]

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Magnum Lenticularis

Red and lime light on 3rd generation Charger remains, at Pearsonville.  3-minutes under the full moon.

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Eyes of the Riviera

A ’64 in long-term storage.  Lime, turquoise and purple flashlight, in 92-seconds, under partially occluded full moon.

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No Credit Cards

Abandoned in Mina Nevada.  Night, full moon, ambient sodium vapor, with purple and blue flashlight.  Base exposure was 45-seconds, however there are traffic light trails from five similar length images layered in (intentionally shot when vehicles were coming), so that’s a lot more cars and trucks passing thru than normal, considering the late hour, in such a remote place.

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Birch Express and Red Splatter

Two variations of the back of the camping bus in the previous post.  Very similar, yet very different.  The middle of nowhere, Nevada.  Night, 3-minute exposure, dappled full moon, red and yellow flashlight.

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Kitchen Nest

Bus, converted into home for humans, converted into home for smaller mammals, lost down a long dirt road, deep in the heart of Nevada. Night, 3-minute exposure, with full moon outside and totally dark interior, lit with flashlight.

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Bubble Glass and White Shag

Seventies sin bin van, derelict in rural Nevada. 160-seconds after midnight. Full moon (behind clouds), white, blue, red and yellow flashlight.

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Merry Christmas.  42-seconds with an old piano, an empty tequila bottle and some garland, in an abandoned brothel in Nevada.  Flashlight in total darkness.

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