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Alcatraz Laundry

In July I was able to tag along with a group shooting on Alcatraz at night.  The tour was a little regimented and most of the island was bathed in murky fog and sodium vapor light, but it was an insanely good time, nonetheless.  I mean, how many people get to stay on Alcatraz taking pictures ’til 2AM?  Get on Tim’s mailing list, they may decide to do another night tour sometime soon . . .

Low Suds

The salt air is consuming everything on the island, especially the laundry building on the island’s northwest corner–it bears the brunt of the weather coming in from The Gate.  Everything is crumbling in here.  This industrial washer was lit with natural LED in the foreground, snooted red LED on the hopper and valves, and lime-gelled LED skimmed along the rear wall.  It’s a 78-second exposure.  It took several stabs at this to pull out the right details and figure out which things to leave dark.

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