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Munz Island

Munz Island

Munz Ranch, west of Lancaster, in the Antelope Valley.  I rolled by in the late afternoon and spoke to the guy who was house-sitting for the Munz family.  He invited me back to shoot later that night . . . so long as I brought him back a half-gallon of milk, so he wouldn’t have to go into town.

When I arrived after dark it was disappointing to find the place lit by a single, really bright sodium vapor security light right in the middle of the yard.  Unfortunately the caretaker had no idea how to turn it off.  It forced me to work really fast so it wouldn’t fry the entire scene.  This was a 75 second exposure, basically just long enough for me to pop a couple of blue strobe pops from the left and then crouch behind the pump and pop a few more at the motorcycle and sign as well as rim-lighting the right pump.

I did some other work in the more remote corners of the ranch, but there’s a lot more to shoot here in the center of the property . . . if we can get that SV light turned off!

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