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Space Truckin’

Space Truckin' ::::: Fernley Nevada

I’ve been dying to night shoot this gem on the side of Interstate 80 east of Reno for 20 years, but it was never good for night work because it was always lit up with florescent lights.  Well, patience pays off: the Truck Inn Truckstop closed a few years ago and the sign has finally gone dark.

This was shot in the last hour before dawn during the October 2011 full moon.  It’s a stack of four 9-minute exposures, yielding 36 minute star trails.  It was the fifth night of shooting in a row for me (staying up until 4AM or later) so I was pretty much a gibbering idiot at this point.  When the sun came up, I caffeinated heavily and made the 6 hour drive home.

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