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Star View Drive In

One more image for old film work week.  This one’s from the summer of 1998.  This drive in, the “Star View” was on U.S. 50, on the western approach to Fallon Nevada.  It was shot right after sunset: about 10PM.  Still over 90°, plus the teeming clouds of mosquitoes seemed to come from nowhere as soon as the sun dropped below the horizon.  I rushed to put on long pants, but not before getting a dozen bites in a few minutes.  I recall it being a tough night.  This site was bulldozed in the early 2000’s and is now a vacant lot.

A few minutes exposure (no idea, really, but the star trails look pretty short) on Kodak 160T film under a full moon.  Red-gelled strobe.  Page 57 of my out-of-print 2003 book Lost America.

Star View Drive In ::::: 1998 ::::: Fallon, Nevada

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