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Fall 2012 Paul’s Junkyard Night Photography Workshop

Yes, it’s true: Joe Reifer and I are holding another night photography and light painting workshop this fall!  3 days and nights of learning and shooting in our intensive and ridiculously fun format, totally unlike any other night photography workshop.  September 28-30.  Tuition is $900. Registration is now open.  We opened it to our priority registration […]

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Not Dead Yet  :::::  1965 Cadillac Ambulance

Not Dead Yet

Thanks to workshop students Tom Bennett for the idea and Susan Nolan as the hand model.  Not many people would let themselves be sealed up in a musty old junkyard ambulance in the middle of the night, but Susan aced it.  I wonder if she’s come down with Hanta virus yet? She lit each hand […]

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All Horns and Teeth  :::::  1950 Buick Eight

All Horns and Teeth

One of my lighting demos during last week’s workshop at Paul’s Junkyard.  I lit this destroyed movie prop 1950 Buick with lime, blue and red-gelled LED flashlight in less than 30 seconds.

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Rolled and Crapped On  :::::  1948 Cadillac Coupe  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  April 2012

Rolled and Crapped On

Just got back from teaching a 3-day workshop at Paul’s Junkyard.  Hoping to catch up on some sleep this week! Movie prop ’48 Cadillac Coupe.  Rolled and shot up for an upcoming gangster movie.  The car is a total loss.  AA Maglite from above, LED flashlight pressed against the back side of the tail light […]

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Mother, Jugs and Speed  :::::  1970 Cadillac Ambulance  :::::  October 2011

Mother, Jugs and Speed

1970 Cadilac ambulance at Paul’s.  Unbelievably tight space, I had to word real hard to keep the edges of the frame clean.  Lit with red-gelled strobe, outside from four different spots, and just a little LED flashlight. Mother Jugs and Speed are Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch and Harvey Keitel, nicely dated and still pretty funny.

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Sedimental Journey  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Sedimental Journey

Early ’50s Chevy fuel truck.  Couple of squirts of red LED flashlight.  Stack of 403, 389 and 360 second exposures for . . . uhhh. . . 1,152 second star trails.  What is that, about 19 minutes?  Just goes to show, not much difference between 360 and 400 second exposures.  What matters is not having a […]

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The Failed Mascot  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

The Failed Mascot

All that’s left of this 1960s Ford C-Series truck is a battered cab, sitting in the dirt, with a legless doll hanging where the mirror used to be. The roof had been pulled several feet vertically–peaked like a tent, making the center of where the windshield would be, twice it’s normal height. I set the […]

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Riding Squeaky Casters into the Abyss  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Riding Squeaky Casters into the Abyss

Last October, Paul cleaned up the area behind this 1959 Chrysler Imperial, opening up this angle for me to shoot.  It’s just a body on casters.  Weird huh?  It’s a movie prop from the film “Cobb” built to be easy to move around on the set.  I loved how it seemed like the car was being sucked […]

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Staring Contest  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Staring Contest

The same ’70’s Peterbilt as yesterday’s post.  355 second exposure.  Full moon almost directly overhead, LED flashlight from both sides using a shallow angle to pull out the surface details. Red LED from behind through the rear window.  I tried to keep things as symmetrical as possible.

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Shift Pattern  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Shift Pattern

1970s Peterbilt semi truck cab.  Like several other trucks at Paul’s Junkyard, this cab is off the chassis and sitting on the ground, making shooting the interior, normally 10-feet in the air, a breeze.  Red and lime-gelled LED through the rear and side windows, purple-gelled LED through the front windows.

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