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Wetting the Beak  :::::  Paul's Junkyard, September 2012

Wetting the Beak

Keeping it weird during last week’s night photography workshop at Paul’s Junkyard.  You really should come next time. Natural and red-gelled strobe . . . all hand held lighting.  I had to composite the bottle and hand from a 2nd exposure (hey, the thing was hard to hold still!)  Thanks to Kevin Balluff for the […]

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The Cap'n's Chair  :::::  Lodge Travel RV, by El Monte  :::::  Paul's Junkyard

The Cap’n’s Chair

Another wildly successful and totally exhausting workshop at Paul’s Junkyard is now in the books.  A blast was had by all, but sleep is still at a premium. The heavily customized “Max Malini” TV prop RV lit like crazy.  Lime and purple-gelled flashlights on the interior, red-gelled flashlight from outside.  Interesting how the puckers in […]

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Iced  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  April, 2012


A bullet-riddled postwar Chrysler, another bizarre gem, relegated to the movie-prop purgatory that is Paul’s Junkyard. Yes, another fully-booked workshop at Paul’s (#5) starts this weekend. I can’t wait! You know you wanna go next spring so get on the mailing list! Blue-gelled strobe and natural LED flashlight.

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C10 911  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  September 2011

C10 911

Happy Independence Day.  Hope you get a chance to see some sparks tonight. Shot on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Paul’s Junkyard, when Paul raised the flag on the extended ladder of one of his old fire trucks.  This pick up was cut in half for use as a movie prop. A wide variety […]

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Beauty in the Pit  :::::  Paul's Junkyard  :::::  October 2011

Beauty in the Pit

A slowly moving band of clouds blurs over the rendering pit, at Paul’s Junkyard . . . somewhere in California’s high desert. 204 second exposure under a full moon, yellow-gelled strobe from behind the tagged up limo.

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Crawlin' From The Wreckage  :::::  Tor-Erik Bakke

Crawlin’ From The Wreckage

Tor-Erik Bakke and a rolled Chevy Impala at Paul’s.  I love that it says “Escaped” on his wrist band, didn’t even notice it until I was processing the image. Page 70 of my new book.

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Tacos From The Dark Side  :::::  Dennis Valente  :::::  Roach Coach

Tacos from the Dark Side

Dennis Valente serving from a torched, blown up movie prop catering truck during a workshop at Paul’s Junkyard.  It was truly nasty inside this thing, filthy, stinky and loaded with sharp edges ready to disembowel you in the pitch darkness. It’s great to work with people willing to put themselves in difficult positions like this […]

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Pauly the Muscle  :::::  1948 Packard

Pauly the Muscle

This is Paul, the owner of Paul’s Junkyard near Lancaster CA.  He’s in front of a movie-prop 1948 Packard, one of a group of ’40s cars shot up for the  movie “Gangster Squad” to be released later this summer. This was done before moonrise–without any added lighting it would have just been a black silhouette. […]

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The Lizard King Checks His Blind Spot  :::::  Ron Pinkerton  :::::  Lodge Travel RV, by El Monte

The Lizard King Checks His Blind Spot

Portrait week continues with Ron Pinkerton, behind the wheel of a movie prop RV at Paul’s Junkyard.  Ron was an excellent model, he could sit perfectly still in an awkward position like this for days.  He’s like a lizard on a rock in the sun.  Combined with all his Doors references, coming up with this […]

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Satori in Taurus  :::::  Tom Bennett  :::::  1990s Ford Taurus

Satori in Taurus

While teaching last April’s workshop at Paul’s Junkyard I enjoyed making light painted time exposures of all the students.  It lets me make certain to have some good one-on-one time with everyone and they really get to see how I work, first hand.  I’ll be putting a few favorites online this week. Here’s Tom Bennett meditating under […]

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